ASA Members Equine Tour – 6 March 2014

ASA Members’ Equine Tour
Coolmore Stud, Co Tipperary
Thursday 6 March, 2014

Inspirational visit to Coolmore Stud

ASA members participated in an inspirational visit to Coolmore Stud in Co Tipperary on Thursday 6 March. The visit was a sell out with members who had the opportunity to meet some of the household names in equine breeding and racing.

Even those who visited Coolmore on the first ASA visit there in 2011 were overwhelmed. If you are a fanatic about horses, you just cannot get too much of celebrities such as Gallileo and Rock of Gibraltar.
Coolmore is a global leader in its field. Our members were clearly struck by the commitment to excellence and the drive to be the best in the world. The company employs around 1000, all in rural Ireland.
We also had the pleasure of visit the recently developed museum with its vast display of memorabilia and interactive presentations of the many highpoints in the history of Coolmore.

We also got a great insight into Coolmore’s substantial beef and tillage farming operations. Our thanks to Maurice Moloney for a superb tour and for a memorable and unexpected treat at the end.

Photos from this event


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