ASA Sheep Technology Training Day

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09.30    Registration/Tea & Coffee

10.00    Pregnancy nutrition

Dr Tommy Boland B.Agr.Sc., PhD., School of Agriculture, Food Science & Veterinary Medicine, UCD

10.45    Lactation nutrition

Dr Tommy Boland B.Agr.Sc., PhD., School of Agriculture, Food Science & Veterinary Medicine, UCD and Frank Campion, PhD Student at UCD Lyons Research Farm

11.30    Metabolic diseases of sheep

Tommy Heffernan, Vet

12.15 to 13.00 Lunch

13.00    Use of multi species swards for sheep

Dr. Bridget Lynch, School of Agriculture & Food Science, UCD and Connie Grace PhD student at UCD Lyons Research Farm

13.45    Lamb finishing systems

Dr Tommy Boland B.Agr.Sc., PhD., School of Agriculture, Food Science & Veterinary Medicine, UCD

15.00    Dealing with anthelmintic resistance in sheep 

Dr Theo De Waal BVSc, PhD, School of Veterinary Medicine, UCD

15.45    Visit to UCD Lyons Estate Sheep Flock


Speaker Profiles;

Dr. Tommy Boland PhD, Senior Lecturer in Ruminant Nutrition and Sheep Production.

Dr. Tommy Boland graduated with a B.Agr.Sc in 2001 and PhD in 2005. His PhD focussed on late pregnancy nutrition in sheep with particular focus on mineral nutrition. Since then he is based in UCD lecturing and carry out research in dairy, beef and sheep nutrition and dairy and sheep production systems. Specific research areas include ruminant nutrition and rumen function, dietary manipulation to reduce environmental impact of ruminant production systems especially enteric methane emissions and nitrogen excretion, by-product feeding, feed analysis, mineral nutrition, nutrition of the ewe during late pregnancy, immunity in newborn ruminants, parasite control in grazing livestock and multi-species swards for sheep. Tommy writes monthly articles for the Farming Independent outlining research and commercial activities in the UCD Lyons sheep flock


Dr. Bridget Lynch PhD

Dr. Bridget Lynch’s research programme examines a wide range of relevant topics in the grassland and forage science area which is predominately based at UCD Lyons Research Farm and focuses on the following topics: Forage maize production; Evaluation of forage maize for livestock production; Alternative pasture species; Evaluation of multispecies swards for livestock systems; Grazing management for higher input dairy production; Knowledge transfer of grassland science.


Tommy Heffernan MVB grad cert DHH.

Tommy Heffernan is a large animal vet in mixed practice in Co. Wicklow. Tommy has keen interest in Herd/Flock health with particular emphasis in Evidence based medicine and preventative medicine. He also is very interested in the whole area of farmer training and personal performance


Dr Theo De Waal BVSc, Dip Datamet, PhD, HDip UTL, MRCVS

Dr Theo de Waal is a senior lecturer in Veterinary Parasitology at the School of Veterinary Medicine and European Veterinary Specialist in Parasitology. He has more than thirty years’ experience working within veterinary research and project management experience as leader and team member of more than 40 research projects. His general research interest is in the field of veterinary parasitology and epidemiology with specific expertise in the diagnosis, vaccine production, epidemiology and integrated control of animal parasites. Current research projects include cryptosporidiosis, anthelmintic resistance and innovative and sustainable strategies to mitigate the impact of global change on helminth infections in ruminants.

He is a member of the Technical working group (parasites): Animal Health Ireland and member of the Liver fluke, Nematodirus & Coccidiosis advisory group of Ireland.He is also Co-Editors in Chief of Veterinary Parasitology and Technical Editor of the Animal Health and Agri Trade Journal “IT’s Your Field”.


Frank Campion,Teagasc Walsh fellow PhD student

Frank Campion is based at Lyons Research farm under the supervision of Dr Tommy Boland (U.C.D) and Dr Philip Creighton (Teagasc). The focus of his research project is looking at understanding nutrition as a driver of flock performance, with particular attention on ewe nutrition during late pregnancy and early lactation.


Cornelia Grace, PhD UCD Lyons Estate

Cornelia Grace graduated from UCD with a degree in Animal and Crop Production in 2013. She started her PhD in January 2014 at UCD Lyons Estate under the supervision of Dr. Bridget Lynch, Dr. Tommy Boland and Dr. Helen Sheridan. Her PhD is part of the Smartgrass project which involves investigating the potential of multispecies pasture mixes for animal production

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