Impact of Brexit on Irish Agriculture

EU political stakes too high for bilateral trade agreement to be an option – Lucinda Creighton
Ireland needs to plan for the worst and hope for the best – John Moloney
On 23rd March the ASA hosted a major forum to discuss and debate the “Impact of Brexit on Irish Agriculture” in The Lyrath Hotel, Kilkenny.
Over 100 ASA members attended the event which featured a panel discussion with contributions from John Moloney, Chair, Food Wise 2025, Lucinda Creighton from EU Advisory Company Vulcan Consulting, Jim Power, Economist and Joe Healy, IFA President. The panel was agreed that as a result of Brexit, Ireland is currently in unchartered waters and that the agri-food sector was by far the most exposed sector.
The urgent need for Ireland to decide on key priorities and coordinate its message to the EU in relation to Brexit was highlighted. Delegates heard that the negotiation of any bilateral trade agreements are highly unlikely and that the current scattergun approach from trade organisations, lobby groups and Government will not work in stabilising the Irish economy in the wake of Brexit. Read more below….
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This event was kindly sponsored by Bank of Ireland

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