Update on Nitrates Directive – 20 March 2014


Killeshin Hotel, Portlaoise
Thursday 20 March, 2pm-4.30pm

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Members Get Updated on Nitrates and Soil Fertility

Members who travelled to Portlaoise for our seminar on changes in nitrates regulations and on efficient fertiliser use got good value for their effort.
Jack Nolan from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine gave a detailed outline of the changes in Nitrates Regulations as Ireland commences its third Action Programme under the EU Nitrates Directive. It was a real opportunity for members involved in advising farmers and industry on compliance with the new regulations to get informed on the important changes. The next review of the regulations will get under way in late 2016.

The seminar featured a comprehensive outline of research findings on efficient use of nitrogen by James Humphreys from Teagasc Moorepark. Stan Lalor from Teagasc Johnstown Castle chronicled worrying trends in soil fertility and, based on decades of research, gave important guidelines on soil fertility management.
The following is a selection of snippets from the seminar:
“With slurry worth €25/1000 gallons, why put it out at a time of year when you won’t get maximum value from it.” Jack Nolan.

“In the mid 1990s, it took 1.5kg of milk to purchase 1kg of fertiliser nitrogen. Today it takes 4kg of milk to purchase a kilo of N.” James Humphreys.
“Where the pH of the soil is less than 6.0, the availability of Phosphorus is halved.” Jack Nolan.
“Of the soil samples handled by Teagasc in 2013 only 10% were at the optimal level for P, K and lime. 55% were low in P, 52% were low in K and 62% were low in lime.” Stan Lalor.
“Clover fixes up to 200kg N/ha. A white clover sward is more profitable than fertiliser N when the milk price is less than 25c/litre. James Humphreys.

Photos from this event:

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• James Humphreys, Teagasc
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