Teagasc: Contract Technician – OPTI-BC research project

Contract Technician
(Ref: CT/OPTI/1117)
(Externally Funded Non Grant-in-Aid)
Job Title:                     Contract Technician – OPTI-BC research project.
Post Type:                   A temporary Funded Contract post, the indicative duration of which is 36 months, subject to contract.                                   
                                    A panel may be formed from which future similar vacancies may be filled.
Title of Project:         Optimising production technology in Ireland for break crops (Opti-BC).
Location:                    Teagasc, Crop Science Dept., Oak Park, Carlow, Co. Carlow.
Reporting to:              Head of Department and/or other nominated manager as maybe identified from time to time.
Grade/Salary:            Technician, with a starting salary of €28,220 per annum. The current salary scale is €28,220 to €38,373.
Basic Function:           The primary function of is to provide technical support in the large scale field research programme associated with the OPTI- BC research project. The research involves a detailed survey of break crop (beans and oilseed rape) performance on growers’ fields and, separately, detailed field trials focused on crop establishment and crop management. The technical work on the survey will involve: location of suitable farms/sites; recording grower management practice; monitoring crop growth and development by measuring crop establishment, green/leaf area development, light interception, biomass and final yield and yield components.  The more detailed field trials will involve setting out replicated field trials for both crop establishment (beans) and crop management (oilseed rape) studies.  Detailed crop measurements will be taken during the growing season.  Suitable candidates will be expected to have a background in crop production and ideally to have experience of field experimentation and crop measurement/assessment. Familiarity with data recording and preliminary sorting and analysis would also be required.
The OPTI-BC project is a fixed term research project funded by the research stimulus fund of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.  The project is addressing key elements of break-crop production to ensure agronomy is optimized under Irish conditions.  Teagasc and its stakeholders have recognized the need to develop break crop opportunities to ensure the sustainability of crop production in Ireland.  This project is focusing on beans and oilseed rape.  The project will largely be carried out at the research centre at Oak Park which is the base for all Teagascs’ crop research.  Oak Park has more than 150 ha of field trials annually amounting to more than 10,000 plots. The facility has an extensive range of plot specific equipment including RTK GPS, and a comprehensive suite of measuring instruments and supporting laboratories for plant and grain analysis.

Updated: 2nd February 2018 — 1:44 pm