About Us

The ASA is a voluntary organisation and is the professional body for graduates in agricultural, horticultural, forestry, environmental and food science. These graduates have a level 8 degree from UCD, WIT, DkIT, IT Tralee and other recognised foreign Universities.
With 1,800 members from every discipline of the agri-food sector, we are the voice of the Agricultural profession in Ireland. Our members operate across the entire agri-food sector both in Ireland and internationally including government departments, research, advisory/consultancy, education and training, agri-business, rural organisations, banking and the media.
We have been representing the Agricultural Science profession since 1942.

Organisational Structure

The ASA is governed by a Council consisting of the President, Vice-President, Hon Secretary, Treasurer and up to 16 other council members. The Council is elected by ASA members. The Vice-President, elected by members at the AGM, takes over the role of President at the following AGM. The Hon Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the Council.
The Council is made up of various sub-committees, assigned to focus on a particular task or area. A sub-committee makes recommendations to council for decision. Any decisions made remain the responsibility of the council.
The Council are supported by a full time Manager.


Our Responsibilities

  • Promote Agricultural Science
  • Establish and maintain standards of professional agriculture and agricultural Science education
  • Provide opportunities for continuing professional development for Agricultural Scientists
  • Act as the authoritative voice of the Agricultural Science profession in Ireland