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Application to be appointed as the Agricultural Science Association Fellow 2021

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  • Professional Development Plan to include:
    • study proposal, including how individual goals and objectives specific to the identified topic will be supported and achieved
    • schedule of learning/investigation of topic
    • proposed timeline
    • key outputs and deliverables to include paper presented at ASA Conference 2021
  • Development of Communication skills and social media profile to include:
    • identification of Communication training needs 
    • proposed Communications/social media training  
  • Subsistence/travel budget to include:
    • approximate cost for study placement, travel and other associated costs
  • Other areas of focus to include:
    • the benefit to ASA and the Agri-Food Industry of appointing a Fellow in the chosen area of study

Description of the study proposal (max 1,000 words):

Professional Development Plan

Development of communication skills and social media profile

Subsistence/travel budget

Other areas of focus

Applicants must also submit a max two-minute video detailing why they are seeking appointment and should be chosen as the ASA Fellow 2021.

If employed, the applicant must submit written confirmation of consent from their employer to devote the necessary time to the ASA Fellowship process (approx. 6 weeks envisaged with concentrated period during spring 2021).

Applicants must submit their completed application form and associated video by 5pm January 4th, 2021 to