ASA Membership Eligibility

ASA membership eligibility criteria

Regulation 3: Save as herein provided no persons shall be a Member of the Association unless he/she is first approved by the Council and the Directors, who shall have full discretion as to the admission of any person to Membership of the Association.

Regulation 4: Every person holding a level 8 or equivalent approved degree in Agricultural, Horticultural, Forestry, Dairy or Food Science from an Irish University including IT colleges approved by Council and every person holding an approved degree in Agricultural, Horticultural, Forestry or Food Science from a recognised foreign University and who is resident in the Island of Ireland and every person as was on the 31st day of December 1969 a Member of the unincorporated Association shall be qualified to be a member of the Association.  The Council, at its discretion, may also admit other persons who it deems to hold a qualification at a level equivalent to the above and whose work is directly supportive of the objectives of the Agricultural Science Association.  Such persons may at the discretion of Council be awarded Full or Associate Membership.

Subject to Regulation 3, Associate Members are those Members who do not have the required professional qualification as stated in Regulation 4 but who have worked in the Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry or Food business, have an approved Level 8 degree or higher from an Irish University or IT college or a recognised foreign University and who are resident in Ireland and have an active interest in the primary activities of the association.  Associate Members may attend any meeting of the association, including the Annual General Meeting or other such meetings but shall not have voting rights.  A representative of the Associate Membership may be invited to attend Council meetings but unlike Full Members shall not have a vote at said meetings.  The number of Associate Members to be registered is 500 but the Council may in its sole discretion, if it believes it is in the interests of the Association to do so, increase the number of Associate Membership from time to time.  Save as provided for in this Regulation the general rules are applicable and rights and obligations of full Members as outlined in Regulation 5 through 11, shall apply to Associate Members.