Episode 11

Experts In Their Field, Episode 11 – Emeritus Prof. Mike Gibney

In this episode of Experts in Their Field, Prof. Tommy Boland speaks to Emeritus Prof. Mike Gibney

Mike Gibney graduated from UCD with a primary degree in agricultural chemistry in 1971 and was awarded an NUI bursary to complete a master’s degree in animal nutrition.

He then moved to Sydney University’s School of Veterinary Medicine to complete a PhD. Returning to Ireland in 1976, he spent a short spell as a Government of Ireland post-doc at the Agricultural Institute before making the switch from animal to human nutrition,  in taking up a lecturing post at the University of Southampton Medical School. A second return to Ireland in 1984 saw him appointed as professor of nutrition at the Department of Clinical Medicine in the medical school of Trinity College, based at St James Hospital. In 1988, he spent two semesters working in the Institute of Experimental Medicine, in what was then Leningrad.

He served as President of the London-based Nutrition Society and was elected a fellow of the American Institute for Nutrition. From 1985  to 1996 he served on the EU’s Scientific Committee for Food before being appointed as chair of the  Commission’s advisory committee on BSE from 1997-2001. During his time in Trinity he served as vice provost for research (2000-2003). In 2006, he returned to  UCD to establish the UCD Institute of Food and Health.

He served  as chairman of the Board of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. His academic research area was primarily in metabolic and molecular aspects of nutrition and this was heavily funded by competitive national and EU research funds.

In retirement he has taken to writing popular science books on food and health and will be launching his next book: ”Food through the ages – a popular history” next September. He is married to Jo with 3 children and four grandchildren. 

ASA thank Mike for his time and wish him and his family continued health & success into the future.