Multispecies Swards Webinar

Multispecies Swards: Environmental, Sward Production and animal Performance Benefits

On 19th May, the ASA hosed a webinar to update members on the latest research and potential benefits of multispecies swards in pasture-based production systems.  Ruminant Agriculture in Ireland and across Europe is faced with numerous pressing challenges, including the need to reduce GHG emissions and losses of nitrogen to the environment along with the requirement to reduce the reliance on fertilizer nitrogen application. In addition, issues such as increasing anthelmintic resistance are placing further pressure on our pasture-based systems. Furthermore, mechanisms to support on farm biodiversity are of ever-increasing urgency and importance. UCD and Teagasc are conducting research into the use of multispecies swards to address these challenges. ASA President Dr. Annemarie Butler who will be joined by Dr. John Finn, Teagasc, Dr Helen Sheridan UCD and Prof. Tommy Boland as they present the latest research findings, in our webinar generously sponsored by Germinal Ireland Ltd, with Dr. Mary McEvoy, Germinal Ireland Ltd. chairing the Q&A session.