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Clover Event, TeagascMoorepark

Clover Training Day, Teagasc Moorepark

Event Date: Wednesday 19th April

Event Location: Teagasc Moorepark Research Centre

Members of the Agricultural Science Association and paying guests are invited to attend an information day at Moorepark on Wednesday 19th April to update themselves on the latest research and guidelines emerging on clover in pasture at the centre

A large body of research has been conducted at the Teagasc Moorepark research centre into the role that clover can play in grazing systems. Incorporating clover in grassland swards has the potential to reduce costs, improve profitability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Nitrous oxide is one of the three main greenhouse gases and is generated primarily from slurry stored, slurry spread and chemical nitrogen fertiliser spreading. Incorporating clover into grassland reduces the demand for chemical nitrogen. Therefore, if there is less chemical nitrogen fertiliser spread, less nitrous oxide is emitted into the air. Using clover achieves a reduction in nitrous oxide by lowering the chemical N fertiliser use (up to 100 kg N/ha). Using clover can reduce nitrous oxide emissions by up to 40% on a dairy farm due to reduced chemical N application. Clover will help to reduce the farm's carbon footprint and, more importantly reduce total emissions on the farm.


32 IASIS CPE Credits have been allocated to the ASA Clover Event


Time Topic Speakers
Morning session indoors at the Paddy O’Keeffe centre
10.00-10.30 Tea / coffee
10.30-10.45 Welcome Prof. Tommy Boland, ASA

Prof. Laurence Shalloo, Teagasc

Mr. Donal Whelton, AIB (sponsors)

10.45-11.30 Why clover? Dr. Deirdre Hennessy
11.30-12.00 Red clover for silage Dr. Nicky Byrne
12.00-12.30 Nutritive value of clover Dr. Michael Dineen
12.30-13.30 Lunch
Afternoon session outdoors at Moorepark research farm 3 topics each of 45 minutes in duration
13.30-15.45 Long Term clover pasture Dr. Deirdre Hennessy and Ms Hannah Irish
Clover incorporation in pasture Dr. Michael Egan
Clover profit index Dr. Tomas Tubritt

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