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Future Farming: How is Irish Agriculture Responding? [Part 1]

Part 1: Webinar

Adapting tillage and forage production systems to a changing climate

Event Date: Tuesday 21st November – 1.00pm

Event Location: Online via Zoom

Future Farming - How is Irish Agriculture Responding?

The three webinars will address the challenges facing Irish Agriculture from a changing climate and policy scenario. A range of expert speakers will share their knowledge into adapting tillage and forage production systems to a changing climate, the latest on peat grasslands and emerging policy and technical developments in the forestry sector to adapt to these challenges and ensure a vibrant agri-food sector to 2050.

Webinar 1: 'Adapting tillage and forage production systems to a changing climate'

Date and start time: Tuesday 21st November – 1.00pm

Chair: Dr. Siobhan Walsh, Irish Farmers’ Journal

In this webinar, our speakers, Dr. Helen Sheridan, UCD and Dr. Ewen Mullins, Teagasc, explore the research work underway to change how forage and tillage crops are bred and managed to adapt to a changing climate. In a world where altered pest and disease challenges, periods of drought and excessive rainfall become more commonplace, interventions to support pasture-based livestock production and cereal cropping are essential.

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