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Future Farming: How is Irish Agriculture Responding? [Part 2]

Part 2: Webinar

Changing Land Use in Ireland

Event Date: Thursday 23rd November – 1.00pm

Event Location: Online via Zoom

Future Farming - How is Irish Agriculture Responding?

The three webinars will address the challenges facing Irish Agriculture from a changing climate and policy scenario. A range of expert speakers will share their knowledge into adapting tillage and forage production systems to a changing climate, the latest on peat grasslands and emerging policy and technical developments in the forestry sector to adapt to these challenges and ensure a vibrant agri-food sector to 2050.

Webinar 2 ' Changing Land Use in Ireland’

Date and start time: Thursday 23rd November – 1.00pm

Chair: Prof. Tommy Boland, UCD

In this webinar, speakers Dr. Pat Tuohy, Teagasc and Fergus Moore, Senior Inspector at the Department of Agriculture DAFM discuss the drainage status of grassland peat soils in Ireland and the issue of rewetting such soils. Fergus will address national policy from the perspective of annual afforestation rates, target land covers and preferred species mix. He will address the topic of more environmentally friendly management practices such as continuous cover and future market prospects for wood products.

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Future Agri Leaders

30th January, 27th February, 9th April, 7th May

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