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International Study Trip – Netherlands

International Study trip

Event Date: May 23rd-May 25th

Event Location: Netherlands

Every year the Agricultural Science Association embarks on an international study trip to provide our members with the opportunity to further their knowledge on the agricultural industry internationally. Through this, we gain insights in practices that could be replicated or play a role within the industry in Ireland. This year the Agricultural Science Association is planning to travel to The Netherlands from the 23rd – 25th of May.

The Agricultural Science Association has identified the impact of nitrogen loss to the environment, the nitrates action plan, and the role of nitrates derogation in agriculture in the Netherlands as key elements of this study trip and welcomes the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Food Quality on the first day of the trip.

Wednesday will be comprised of a trip to the Floating Farm…. The project is designed for a future where rising sea levels mean that farmland is increasingly out of action due to flooding.

The structure was developed to follow circular design principles. It generates all of its own electricity from floating solar panels and provides fresh water through an integrated rainwater collection and purification system.

On Wednesday afternoon we will visit Marjoland’s Rose Nursery.

6 varieties of roses are grown with passion on an area of 20 acres., which makes it the biggest rose nursery in the Netherlands. Marjoland was founded in 2000 but the history of the company goes back to 1978.The roses at Marjoland are auctioned daily at all Dutch auctions and at Rein Maas in Germany .

On the final day we will travel to Utrecht, where we will visit Rabbobank Headquarters. Rabo Bank is a global bank in the Agri & Food sectors with a presence in 38 countries. We will be meeting them to discuss their views on agricultural at an EU & global level as we enter these challenging times of climate change and food security.

We will then return to Schipol airport for our flight home.

Please register your interest and we will forward you a breakdown of costs and directions on how to book.

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